Domain name registration

Your domain name is your unique identity on the web.

It is crucial that you choose a good domain name in order to ensure the success of your website. With your own domain name (e.g., your customers will always find your website very easily and you will get professional e-mail addresses such as Easyhost provides several domain name extensions, such as .be, .nl, .eu or .com at extremely attractive prices! Purchasing a domain name is easy and not expensive.

Register your domain name:

€ 19,17 / year (incl. VAT) As from € 12,96 (incl. VAT)
  • Free control panel
  • Free own name servers
  • Free unlimited web forwarding
  • Free unlimited mail forwarding
  • Free Google advertising voucher

Immediately active

Use your domain name within minutes after your request.

Easy web interface

Manage your domain name easily through our online control panel.

Your, a provider-independent e-mail address for life.

Full management

Forwarding, subdomains and DNS parameters can all be modified by yourself.

Extension Country/organization Price per year (incl. VAT)
.be Belgium € 19,17
.nl Netherlands € 19,17
.eu Europe € 19,17
.com * Commercial € 19,17 € 12,96 promo
.net Network € 19,17
.org Organization € 19,17
.biz Business € 19,17
.info Information € 19,17
.de Germany € 19,17
.tk Tokelau € 19,17
.us United States € 19,17
.fr France € 47,19 United Kingdom € 60,50   ›   Price for 2 years (incl. VAT)
.lu Luxemburg € 41,14
.mobi Mobile websites € 30,25
.tv TV websites € 59,29
.at Australia € 36,30
.ch Switzerland € 42,35
.cz Czech Republic € 72,60
.de Germany € 19,17
.es Spain € 30,25
.it Italy € 30,25
.no Norway € 84,70
.ro Romania € 48,40
.se Sweden € 60,50
.in India € 35,03
.cc Cocos Islands € 42,35
.cn China € 43,56
.ru Russia € 48,40
.asia Asia € 42,35
Extension Country/organization Price per year (incl. VAT)

Advantages of a domain name

Why register a domain name with Easyhost?

  • Fast and simple: a domain name registration only takes a few minutes.
  • Directly online: pay with your credit card and your domain name is registered immediately.
  • A domain name in your name: Easyhost will always register your domain name with your personal data so that nobody else can take this domain name away from you.
  • Including all domain name services: you can manage your domain name in real time through an online control panel. Easyhost will take care of all the e-mail and website settings.
  • * Price for the 1st year, for the next years: normal price