Build your website by yourself

Create a professional website without any programming knowledge

Pick your style by selecting one of the 140+ themes

Drag ready-to-use widgets into the website

“Works as a text editor”

Build your own website by yourself using templates
25% discount

Small Sitebuilder

Create a simple 1-page website

instead of € 3.30
Order Sitebuilder Small
  • Free domain name
    For the first year
  • 1 page
  • 100 MB for pictures
  • Over 140 themes
  • All widgets
All specifications
33% discount

Medium Sitebuilder

More space for pictures and pages

instead of € 7.43
Order Sitebuilder Medium
  • Free domain name
    For the first year
  • 5 pages
  • 1 GB for pictures
  • Over 140 themes
  • All widgets
  • Backup up to 2 previous versions
All specifications
18% discount

Large Sitebuilder

Best choice: create without limits

instead of € 9.08
Order Sitebuilder Large
  • Free domain name
    For the first year
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • 10 GB for pictures and files
  • Over 140 themes
  • Changing the theme: colour & fonts
  • All widgets
  • Backup up to 10 previous versions
  • Extra mobile site
  • Adding files
    e.g. a restaurant menu in PDF
All specifications

The assets of our handy Sitebuilder

Our Sitebuilder, which includes a free domain name, has everything you need to build a website all by yourself, without any programming knowledge

Super easy

Pick an eye-catching theme, drag widgets into your website and fill it with text and pictures.

Rank high in Google

Make sure your website ranks high in Google’s search results with the included SEO tools.


Your website looks great, even on the smallest smartphone screen!

140+ wonderful themes

You can determine the style that best suits your needs by selecting one of our many wonderful themes.

Tons of widgets

Make sure your website features galleries, contact forms, opening hours...

Free domain name

You will save even more, because you will get the domain name for free for the first year.

Studio Redzji

“Fast and intuitive software. I’m no computer expert and am unable to use WordPress, for instance, which is much too complicated for me.
But with Sitebuilder, I’ve been able to almost instantly build a site."

~ Reginald Koé

How can I build a website on my own?

With our handy website builder, you can create a website all by yourself in 3 steps!

Pick a theme to build your website

Pick a theme to start with

Determine the style of your website by selecting one of the many themes available to use. At this point, we offer over 140 of them, but the list keeps growing.
With the Large Sitebuilder, you can also adjust the colours and fonts of your theme. This way, you can create a website that completely suits your needs.

Discover all the themes

Drag widgets into the website

Give form to your website by adding widgets into it. Widgets are ready-to-use elements that you can simply drag into your website.
Sitebuilder includes everything you want, such as contact forms, text blocks, picture galleries, opening hours...

Discover all the widgets
Add widgets to the website using drag and drop

Check and publish your website

Check and publish your website

Check everything one last time on every screen format. This way, you can be sure that your website looks great on any device.
Is everything all right? Then, publish your website and start ranking high in Google!