Cheap mailbox

A cheap mailbox that works on all your devices. Well secured and with an e-mail address based on your own domain name. Now that is a professional solution!

A cheap mailbox with lots of possibilities

Everything you expect from a good mailbox is here

You own e-mail address

Create your own e-mail address(es) you always wanted for free, with your own domain name

Available everywhere

Check your e-mails on your telephone, tablet or laptop. Our mailbox works with any device.

No spam or viruses

Thanks to our spam filter and antivirus, they no longer clog up your mailbox.

Daily backups

Have you accidentally deleted an important e-mail? We still have it!

Synchronised with any device

You have read an e-mail on your smartphone? Then it will also be marked as “read” on all other devices.

Works with your e-mail client

Your mailbox works perfectly with the e-mail client on your computer or telephone (e.g. Outlook).

Pick your unique e-mail address

Pick your unique e-mail address

Addresses like are now a thing of the past! Create the e-mail address you always wanted, with your own domain name, such as
This way, you will immediately create a sense of professionalism.

Find out how to create an email address

E-mail from any device

Your mailbox works seamlessly with e-mail clients such as Outlook. Thanks to IMAP technology, messages you have read on your smartphone are instantly marked as “read” on other devices.
Have you left your smartphone at home? Via our webmail, you can access your mailbox from any computer.

E-mail from any device
Perfectly secure mailbox

Perfectly protected

Your mailbox is extremely well protected against spam and viruses. This way, you will only see the messages that matter to you instead of junk you never asked for.