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Take control with our self-managed VPS, hosted on high-performance servers.

Take the reins of your VPS yourself

Take the reins of your VPS yourself

All freedom with full root access

With a self-managed VPS, you have all the control. You set up your VPS the way you want, without restrictions.

Self-managed VPS

You save money by managing your VPS yourself. You perform maintenance and updates yourself.

Choose your OS

Through our control panel, you install Ubuntu, Debian, pfSense and other Linux distributions in a few clicks.

Choose your VPS and start today

10, 11 and 12

10, 11 and 12

20, 22 and 23

20, 22 and 23




13.1 and 13.2

13.1 and 13.2

Your VPS is immediately ready for use

Your VPS is immediately ready for use

Immediately activated

After your order, your VPS will be activated in no time. Then get started with your own VPS right away.

Start small and grow at your pace

With our VPS servers, you're in good shape for the future. Is your project growing? Upgrade to a larger VPS server in minutes.

Choose your VPS and start today

Website, app or test environment.
Everything is possible with your own VPS

Hosting website(s)

Use your VPS to host one or more websites.

Web application

Launch your web application on a fast VPS.

Test environment

Make your VPS an environment to test out code.

Game server

Launch a gaming server to play with your friends.

Database server

Use your VPS as a database server for your projects.

A lightning-fast and secure VPS

A lightning-fast and secure VPS

Built for speed

100% SSD, 1Gbps bandwidth ... All the links are there to give your VPS optimum speed.

24/7 monitoring

We continuously monitor the hypervisor on which your VPS resides.

Your data is safe

Your VPS runs on our servers in the Netherlands. Well protected by GDPR legislation.

Choose your VPS and start today

ISO-certified: your guarantee of quality and safety

iso27701 iso27001 iso9001
Free extras for your VPS

Free extras for your VPS

Free automatic backups

Every week, we automatically back up your VPS.

Free firewall

Decide which ports for incoming traffic are open on your VPS.

Free support

Need help or have a question? We're here for you. In your own language.

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Frequently asked questions about VPS servers

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is your own, virtual server running on a super-powerful physical server.

With a VPS, you use part of that powerful server for your own projects. Your VPS gets part of the resources of that physical server. Think CPU, RAM, storage space ...

You don't have to worry about other VPSes on the server. You install the software you want and your data remains completely private.

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) works largely like a dedicated server. For instance, a VPS is fully protected and has resources reserved for it (such as RAM, CPU and storage space). How many resources are reserved for your VPS is determined by your hosting provider.

Choose your VPS and get started

Whether you want to launch a website, web application or something else: there is a suitable VPS for all your projects.