Transfer a domain name

If you already have a domain name and would like to find a truly reliable registrar, Easyhost is your ideal partner.
Transferring your domain name is very easy and only takes a few clicks. Moreover, with a domain name transfer, you will immediately take advantage of our free extra services!

  • Free e-mail addresses with your domain name
  • Free forwarding to another URL (e.g. your Facebook page)
  • Add free and unlimited subdomains
  • Full control over your DNS settings

Free extras with a domain name transfer

Why transfer your domain name to Easyhost? There is a reason why our customers have already registered and transferred more than 450,000 domain names with us.

Including e-mail addresses

Transfer your domain name to Easyhost and create as many e-mail addresses as you want.

Redirecting to another URL

Make sure that people who enter your domain name are redirected to another address, such as your Facebook page, or another existing website.

Unlimited number of subdomains

Create an unlimited number of subdomains for your domain name. A subdomain is e.g. or

Instant transfer

During the ordering process, instantly enter your transfer code and we will immediately complete the transfer for you.

Easy management

Our handy control panel allows you to easily change your DNS settings, update your MX and A records and manage your WHOIS details.

Would you like to transfer your domain name? Follow these tips!

A domain name is linked to the domain owner (you) and not to the registrar (the company where you registered the domain name). This means you can transfer a domain name to another provider whenever you want - no need to wait for the expiry date.

1. Prepare the transfer of the domain name

Transferring a domain name is as simple as registering a domain name.
Ask the current registrar to make the domain name available for a transfer. The registrar will then provide you with a transfer code.
Would you like to transfer a domain name that belongs to another domain owner with whom you have reached an agreement for the transfer of the domain name? Ask the current owner to request a transfer code from his current registrar.

Would you like to transfer your domain name? Follow these tips!

2. Search for your domain name using our domain search tool and opt for a transfer

Do you have a transfer code at hand? Enter the code during the ordering process and the transfer will be completed immediately.
Do you not have a transfer code yet? No problem! You can also provide it to us later on.
Do you not have a domain name yet? Click here to purchase a new domain name.

Tip: check your registration details!
Because of privacy reasons, we do not receive all the owner details when you transfer a domain name. We fill in the missing details based on the information we have received from you.
Before you confirm your order, it is therefore advisable to check whether the details we link to the domain name are correct. And to update them where necessary.
Please note that updating details after the transfer is still possible, but it is considered a new registration - with all the associated costs!

2. Search for your domain name using our domain search tool and opt for a transfer

3. Confirm your order

You will now automatically receive an e-mail containing instructions on how to authorise the transfer.
Once you have confirmed the transfer to us, we will take care of the rest.

Tip: manage all your domain names in one place!
Have you registered domain names through different providers? Then, you should consider having all your domain names registered with Easyhost. Transferring your domain names is super easy via our website. You can then manage them all using our convenient control panel. This will also allow you to have a clear overview of your entire domain portfolio.

3. Confirm your order

Frequently asked questions about transferring a domain name

That is absolutely fine. You can perfectly transfer the registration of your domain name to Easyhost and keep the linked website with your current hosting provider. Tip: check out the attractive hosting packages that Easyhost has to offer.

Usually, the transfer of a domain name is free of charge. Easyhost does not charge you any extra costs for a domain name transfer. However, it is possible that the company where your domain name is currently registered will charge you a fee. We therefore recommend that you check this in advance.

Yes, you can, provided you reach an agreement with the current owner. Follow these steps:

  1. Find out who the owner is via the WHOIS database
  2. Contact the owner and try to reach an agreement for the transfer of the domain name (possibly for a fee).
  3. Ask the owner to request a transfer code from his current domain name provider.
  4. Follow the same steps you would normally follow if you were to transfer your own domain name.

The details of all domain owners are kept in the WHOIS database. However, for privacy reasons, not all details are shown. And it is the registrar, i.e. the company that registered the domain name, that decides which details are shown and which are not.
You may e.g. see a company's name and address, but no e-mail address. And for private persons, all details are often unavailable to the public.
Fortunately, an alternative solution is usually offered, such as a web form, which allows you to contact the current domain owner.