Web hosting

Cheap web hosting with a
free domain name.

Many free extra services:

Like a free domain name, mailboxes, an SSL certificate and first-class support

One-click installations

Install your WordPress, Drupal, Magento or Joomla with a single click.
Wordpress Magento Drupal

Perfectly protected

Efficient protection against troubles like hackers, spam and viruses.

1st year 59% discount

Small web hosting

Ideal to get started right away

instead of € 5.99
Order Small web hosting

  • 50 GB of webspace
    20 x faster and 100% secure
  • 5 x 100 MB databases
  • 50 x 1 GB mailboxes
    and e-mail addresses with your domain
  • Free domain name
    For the first year
  • Free SSL certificate
    For a secure website
All specifications
1st year 44% discount

Large web hosting

For more complex websites

instead of € 7.99
Order Large web hosting

  • 100 GB of webspace
    20 x faster and 100% secure
  • 15 x 250 MB databases
  • 150 x 5 GB mailboxes
    and e-mail addresses with your domain
  • Free domain name
    For the first year
  • Free SSL certificate
    For a secure website
All specifications

The assets of our cheap web hosting

Our cheap web hosting has everything you need for your website.

Free domain name

You will save even more, because you get your domain name for free for the first year.

Free SSL certificate

This way, you can protect the privacy of your visitors and rank higher in Google. You win twice!

One-click installations

In the control panel, you can install WordPress, Drupal, Magento or Joomla with a single click.

Protected against hackers

Our protection blocks hackers and viruses, detects vulnerabilities and fixes them automatically!

20 x faster than usual

Thanks to fast SSD webspace and the latest HTTP/2 protocol, your website will perform faster than ever.

Multiple websites on a single package

Each package has space for multiple websites, but only the 1st website has separate PHP settings and mailboxes.

Free mailboxes

Give each of your collaborators their own mailbox with your domain name! The number of free mailboxes depends on the hosting package you chose.

Free fast support

Are you experiencing problems with your hosting? We offer you high quality and fast support via e-mail or live chat. Together, we will fix your problem!

Free automatic backups

Every day, we perform a full backup of your hosting and databases. This way, you will always have a recent, working version of your website at hand in case something goes wrong.

Highly protected against hackers and spammers.

We proactively protect your website!

Your website is hosted in Belgium's most reliable data centre. There, we take all possible measures to stop malware, both preventively and reactively.

Automatic patching

Our proactive measures help us prevent problems

We constantly check whether there are any security risks in the code of your website. And when we detect a vulnerability, our automatic patching system fixes it right away. You can rest easy!

Web filter

Do not give infections a chance

There are lots of dangers lurking on the web - malicious code that attempts to infect your website, for example. Our web filter protects your website against such dangers.
In addition, you can enjoy our free protection against SQL infections, rootkits and brute force attacks. However, keep in mind that you will need to activate it in your control panel.

Protection against DDoS attacks and free firewall

Our firewall prevents hackers from accessing your website!

Your website is not protected by one but by multiple firewalls. This way, external attacks on various levels can be stopped and your website can continue to operate without any interruption!

DDoS attacks are another danger, because your website is flooded with a lot of fake traffic, making it inaccessible to the real, legitimate traffic of your visitors. But do not worry: you can count on us for that too. We use NAWAS to eliminate corrupted traffic generated by malicious bots and stop the attack on your website.

Easyhost is one of the few hosting providers to offer this service for free!

Malware scanner

Our malware scanner does not give corrupted files a chance.

We scan your website on a daily basis, in order to ensure that it does not contain any corrupted files - just like your antivirus software would do with your computer.
We quarantine the files we find so that you can check them out and remove them from your web hosting. This is an automatic service that you can control!

Going for Easyhost web hosting means going for speed

We lend your website wings!

Your web hosting is fully protected, which means it will always have sufficient resources and never suffer any inconvenience from other customers.

We fully protect your web hosting from other customers. This way, you will not run the risk of other customers using all the resources of the web server, which would cause your website to run slowly. And when it comes to security, your web hosting is also fully protected, so you cannot be inconvenienced by bad neighbours.

Furthermore, we can guarantee the availability of these resources. We do not host too many websites on the same server to reduce costs, as some budget hosting companies do. On the contrary, each customer is given the necessary space and resources to have his website run quickly. This is fair for everyone!

Optimisation makes your website up to 20 times faster

For your hosting, we use high-speed SSDs instead of traditional hard drives, which are slow. As a result, your website will load in no time.

And since we offer the latest HTTP protocol (HTTP/2), communication between your website and your visitor's browser is much faster and more efficient.

State-of-the-art data centres with high-speed Internet connection

Our servers are housed in the best data centres in the Benelux.

These premium data centres have a direct connection to ISPs such as Proximus, Telenet, KPN, VOO, etc.

In addition, the data centres are interconnected with a 100 Gbps network. This way, all the traffic to your website is delivered quickly and efficiently.
It is important to know that our data centres have a minimal ecological footprint. Data centres usually consume a lot of energy, but you should not worry about your climate footprint, as our data centres are 100% powered by renewable energy.

We guarantee 99.999% uptime

This way, your website is always online

99.999% uptime thanks to High Availability

With our High Availability service, even if your hosting server fails, your hosting will automatically be moved to a new server. Your website will be up and running again within seconds!

That is why we can guarantee you an uptime of 99.999%.

Well thought-out backup infrastructure with redundant network

For our backup strategy, not only have we provided backup servers, but all the hardware used in our network is redundant. We took care of each link in the chain, from the smallest power cable to the connection to the Internet providers. This allows us to anticipate all possible incidents, including those in which fibre-optic cables might be hit during excavation works.

Guaranteed power supply, even in the event of a blackout

There is a real danger of blackouts. Banks, hospitals and government agencies have provided their own power generators so that they can continue to operate during a blackout. Our data centres are also fully equipped with all possible backup energy sources to keep our customers' websites online in the event of a power outage. You will never get such a guarantee elsewhere, but we offer it to you free of charge.

Thanks to our 24/7 monitoring service, you can rest easy

We keep an eye on your web hosting day and night. Our experts continuously monitor the health of our systems and, if necessary, proactively take the required measures. So, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

The Easyhost control panel

Developed in-house to suit the needs of our customers!

The control panel gives you full control over your hosting.
You can activate services or upgrade your current package. If your domain name is also registered with Easyhost, you can manage its settings here. Creating e-mail addresses with your domain name can be done in no time using the control panel.

Using your web hosting to launch a website.

What options do you have for hosting your website?

Installing WordPress with just one click

A content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento is very useful: you choose the components and widgets of your website, and from now on you can easily update the content yourself. Design your CMS-based website yourself, or have it developed by a specialist agency.

The convenient control panel allows you to install the desired CMS on your hosting package with a single click. From now on, you can easily edit the content using a web form, without having to upload files via FTP. Creating your own website on your hosting has never been easier!

Creating a simple website using Sitebuilder

Would you like to be able to design a website yourself without having any technical knowledge? No problem: our handy Sitebuilder allows you to choose from more than 100 themes and widgets that you can simply drag and drop for additional features such as newsletters, Google Maps, your opening hours or social media. Thanks to the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, you can see the results right away. It is actually as easy as working with a word processor!

Go for our Sitebuilder, and get your domain name for free for the first year!

Transferring your existing website

Do you already have a website that is currently hosted by another hosting provider? Transferring your website to Easyhost is very easy!

We even provide you with a staging environment, so that you can test your site thoroughly before going live. This way, you can be sure that everything is running smoothly, and you will not go offline during the transfer.

The useful extra services that come with your Easyhost web hosting at a glance:

Free domain name during your first year at Easyhost

If you link your domain name to your Easyhost hosting package, you will not have to pay registration fees for your domain name during the first year.

A domain name is indispensable in order for your company or organisation to look professional. Create as many e-mail addresses as you like based on your domain name, for example for departments within your company or for your collaborators - accounts@yourcompany.be or anne.peters@yourcompany.be. Or use your domain name as an address for your website: www.yourcompany.be

Find out more about domain names

Free mailboxes with your web hosting provided by Easyhost

With your Easyhost web hosting, you have everything you need to get started online in one package: a free domain name, web space to put your website on, and free mailboxes.

Even with our entry-level hosting package, you get 50 mailboxes for free! That should be enough to provide all your collaborators with their own mailbox. If you need more mailboxes, that is not a problem: you can upgrade from €3 per month.

Go to mailboxes

Free HTTPS for your website

A secure HTTPS connection is extremely important for your website. After all, it guarantees your visitor that your website is secure (via the padlock in his browser). This way, your customer can place an order and pay for it in complete confidence. In addition, secure websites rank higher in search engines.

We automatically include HTTPS on each website, thanks to the free SSL certificate provided by Let's Encrypt. Do you want to offer greater guarantees to your visitors? If so, choose one of the SSL certificates with more comprehensive guarantees.

Go to SSL certificates