SSL certificates

Purchasing a cheap SSL certificate from Easyhost has many benefits for your website:

A secure HTTPS connection

Your visitors’ data are protected

SSL - validation

Your visitors trust you more

Browsers no longer mark your website as "not secure"

A higher Google ranking

Secure websites rank higher in search results

Domain SSL

For websites run by private individuals

Order a domain SSL
  • The owner of the domain name is verified via e-mail
  • Delivery within 24 h
  • Rank higher in Google
  • HTTPS + padlock inspire confidence

Extended SSL

Recommended for companies and web stores

Order an extended SSL
  • Thorough verification of your domain and company details
  • Delivery within 3 business days
  • Rank higher in Google
  • HTTPS + padlock inspire confidence
  • A Sectigo (Comodo) Trust seal on your website
  • Ideal for web stores!

Why purchase an SSL certificate?

SSL secures the communication between your website and your visitors

SSL by Sectigo (Comodo)

Secures sensitive information

An SSL certificate allows you to protect the communication between your website and your visitors.

  • It is impossible for hackers to steal sensitive data such as credit card numbers or any other payment information.
  • Login details and passwords are protected as well.
  • The data exchanged cannot be accessed or edited.

Inspire more confidence

Your website seems more reliable, because HTTPS is clearly recognisable in the browser:

  • No "not secure" warning!
  • a padlock in the browser
  • https:// replaces http://

Boost your Google ranking

Google favours secure websites and rewards them with a higher ranking in search results. This way, you can attract more visitors.
But there is more: non secure websites are clearly marked as “non secure” by Google. So, do not scare off your visitors!

Boost your sales in your web store

An SSL certificate helps inspire greater confidence in your website visitors. As a result, fewer people will abandon their basket during the checkout process.

Visitors can find information about your identity, especially with an SSL certificate using extended validation, whereby the name of your company is also displayed in the address bar.

Fewer abandoned baskets = more sales

Enjoy compensation in case of abuse

With our web hosting, we automatically offer you a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. However, you are free to purchase a Sectigo (Comodo) certificate, which offers a greater guarantee. In case of abuse, you can claim compensation up to €10,000.

Add a Trust Seal to your page

We offer SSL certificates issued by SECTIGO (COMODO). You probably know them from the trust seals you have seen on various online payment pages.
You too can use this logo when purchasing a SECTIGO (COMODO) SSL certificate.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate allows you to offer a secure HTTPS connection to your website visitors. The data flow between your visitors and your website is thereby encrypted, which means the data cannot be read or edited by others.
In their address bar, your visitors can clearly recognise this security feature from the 's' after 'http' and the padlock that appears next to your domain name. An SSL certificate also ensures that a browser does not mark your website as "not secure".

SSL - validation

How to choose the best SSL certificate?

  • Domain validation: only the domain is validated, based on your e-mail address. This will only secure the connection to your website. No additional guarantee is provided to your visitors regarding your company. Ideal for personal websites.
  • Extended validation: the company is audited via external sources. This is the type of certificate that offers the highest security level (the name of the company is displayed in the browser), but it takes longer to validate and is also much more expensive. Ideal for web stores

Be careful: you need to use a static IP address! A static IP address is always included for free with all our web hosting packages.

Why go for a Sectigo (Comodo) SSL certificate instead of a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate?

  • With Sectigo's (Comodo) extended validation, your company details are also validated, which helps visitors build even greater confidence in your website!
  • Enjoy the ‘15% increase in sales’ guarantee provided with Sectigo's (Comodo) EV SSL certificates.
  • Add the trust seal to your website or payment page.
  • Did something go wrong anyway? Enjoy the generous compensation offered in case of abuse.
  • Sectigo (Comodo) SSL certificates are ideal for websites, but also for e-mail, file servers, apps, etc.

Let's Encrypt vs Sectigo (Comodo)

Why purchase your SSL certificate from Easyhost?

  • Our SSL certificates are issued by SECTIGO (COMODO), a highly reliable company that specialises in Internet security.
  • Our helpdesk will assist you with any question you may have about the installation of the certificate.
  • Free reissue if you made a spelling mistake or if you lost the SSL certificate.