SSL certificates

Secure HTTPS connection to protect your visitors’ data

A small padlock and a green address bar

Inspire greater confidence from the visitors of your website

Rank higher in Google

Secure websites are given a higher ranking within search results

Domain SSL

For websites run by private individuals

Order a domain SSL SSL - Domain validation
  • The owner of the domain name is verified via e-mail
  • Delivery within 24 h
  • Rank higher in Google
  • HTTPS + padlock inspire confidence

Extended SSL

Recommended for companies and web stores

Order an extended SSL SSL - Extended validation
  • Thorough verification of your domain and company details
  • Delivery within 3 business days
  • Rank higher in Google
  • HTTPS + padlock inspire confidence
  • Green address bar with the name of the company
  • A Comodo Trust seal on your website
  • Ideal for web stores!

The benefits of an SSL certificate

SSL secures communication between your website and your visitors

SSL by Comodo

Secures sensitive information

An SSL certificate secures communication between your website and your visitors. This way, hackers have no chance to intercept sensitive information, such as credit card details.

Inspires confidence

Your website looks reliable thanks to HTTPS, the small padlock and the green address bar. That inspires confidence among your visitors.

A higher ranking in Google

Google favours secure websites and rewards them with a higher ranking in search results. This way, you can attract even more visitors.

More sales for web stores

Thanks to an SSL certificate, people are less likely to abandon their cart during the ordering process, because they trust the website.
A study showed that this can give your sales a boost of at least 15%, especially with an extended SSL.

Compensation for abuse

Contrary to basic SSL certificates, such as the one you receive with our web hosting, these certificates offer extended guarantees. You will e.g. receive up to €10,000 in compensation in case of abuse.

Reliable provider

We provide an SSL certificate from COMODO. You probably know them from the trust seals that many web stores have included on their payment pages.
With an extended SSL, you too can add that logo.