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Ready-to-use widgets

To ensure that you can build a website in no time, our Sitebuilder is packed with ready-to-use widgets. Just drag and drop them into your website and you are ready to roll!

Basic features
Basic features

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Sitebuilder offers a host of possibilities

Multiple languages

The multilingual option allows you to build a website in multiple languages.
Every page and every URL can be fully personalised in every language. Wonderful!

Start a blog

Add your own blog to your website, and you will have an amazing channel to share news and information with your customers.

Cookie notification

Add your own cookie notification in Sitebuilder. No hassle with external scripts and tools.

Call or e-mail directly

Thanks to click-to-call or click-to-email buttons, your visitors can get in touch with you with a single click when they see your phone number or e-mail address.


Thanks to the integrated statistics, you always know how many people are coming to your website. Alternatively, you can use an external tool such as Google Analytics.



Personalise your website based on your visitors. You can e.g. reward those who regularly read your newsletter with an attractive special offer.

Learn more about personalisation

Centralisation of your company details

Telephone numbers, addresses, social media... Manage everything from one central place in Sitebuilder. Super convenient!

Search and replace

Have you changed your address? Update it immediately all over your website thanks to the "search and replace" feature.

SEO tools

Build a website that is easier to find in Google thanks to the handy SEO tools.

Learn more about SEO tools

Import content

Enter the URL of your existing website and Sitebuilder will import all the photos and information it will find.

Always HTTPS

Your website is always available via a secure HTTPS connection. This extra asset will help you rank high in Google, but also build trust with visitors.


Customise the icon of your website that people can see in the browser tab so that your website can stand out there as well.

HTML header

Add HTML code, JavaScript or scripts to your website yourself thanks to direct access to the HTML header.


Backups and restore

Backups allow you to restore a previous version of your website at any time.


URL redirection

Did you delete a page? Make sure that visitors do not see an error message by setting up a redirect (301 redirect).

404 page

Customise the 404 error page to help your visitors as quickly as possible.

Photo editor

Optimise your photos directly in Sitebuilder thanks to an excellent photo editor. Edit them using filters, effects, text, etc.

Free professional photos

You have access to a database of professional photos that you can use free of charge. There are photos available for every situation!

Choose a Shopbuilder package to create a web store

Integrate payment methods

Integrate payment service providers such as Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, Multisafepay, etc. to make payment methods available, such as Bancontact and credit cards. Transaction fees may apply here.

Special offers and discount codes

Run (temporary) special offers for everyone or issue discount codes, e.g. to reward your regular customers.

Sell worldwide or locally

Choose for yourself the countries where you want to sell. This way, when someone will place an order from abroad, your web store will charge the correct VAT rate.

Shipping or pickup

Allow your customers to choose between different shipping methods or have them pick up their parcels in your physical shop whenever suits them best. That is very convenient!

Calculate shipping costs

Choose fixed shipping costs per order or have your store calculate them automatically based on the weight of the products.

Boost your sales thanks to smart e-mails

Send automatic e-mails to customers who have not completed their order, or when their favourite product is back in stock.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are an easy way to boost your profits. Customers can use them to pay for their order online. Convenient!

Show your stock

Show how much stock you still have of a product. This way, your visitors will know that they will not have to wait too long if only a few items are available.

Digital products for download

Sell products as digital files that customers can download after purchase. Think of music, recipes, etc.

Minimum purchase amount

Prevent customers from placing an order for too small an amount by setting a minimum amount. This will help you keep your web store profitable.

Edit product pages

Choose from different layouts for your product pages and add choices for certain products, such as colour, size, etc.

App for iOS and Android

Manage your web store from your phone using the app for iOS and Android. Follow up on orders, adjust stock levels, etc.

Stock management

Your web store keeps track of how much stock you have left and automatically adjusts it on the website. This way, you will never be able to sell more than you actually have.

Analyse your results

Analyse the sales, orders, number of visitors, etc. on your website. Or enable Google Analytics for even more detailed reports.

Smart importing and exporting

Save time by importing products in bulk and exporting orders, products and customers (in CSV format). You can also print your invoices in bulk yourself.

All the possibilities of Sitebuilder?

Too many to list!