How do I create an e-mail address and mailbox?


  1. Creating an e-mail address with a mailbox
    You create an e-mail address with a Easyhost mailbox(see below).
    What do you need? A domain name & mailbox.
  2. Create an e-mail address with a referral (alias)
    Create an e-mail address from which you forward the e-mails to another, existing e-mail address (eg a free Gmail address). Please note that you cannot send e-mails from that e-mail address!
    What do you need? Only a domain name.
    Read how to create an e-mail address with referralĀ 

Create e-mail address with a mailbox

Follow these steps in the control panel

  1. Go to “My products”> “E-mail hosting”> Click on “Manage email” next to the domain for which you want to create a mailbox.
  2. Select “Mailboxes” in the menu on the left, then click on “Add”.
    If you don’t see the button “Add”, you don’t have mailboxes available. You’ll first have to order one in that case.basic mailbox manage
  3. Enter your desired e-mail address. Pick a password and size for your mailbox and confirm. Your mailbox and e-mail address are now active.add mailbox
  4. Optional: Set up your Basic mailbox on your devices


Updated on 1 April 2022

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