Easyhost data centre

Easyhost datacenter

Redundant and secure A-class data centres

The network infrastructure of Easyhost is redundant. That means that we installed every component in duplicate. If anything goes wrong, the backup hardware takes over flawlessly. In addition, each data centre is equipped with a UPS (battery system), an air conditioning system, diesel generators, an extensive access control, fire detection, fire extinguishing systems, etc. The perfect guarantee for a safe management of your websites and applications.

Guaranteed and redundant power supply

All servers are connected to 2 entirely separate electrical circuits, which allows you to benefit from a redundant power supply. So, if one of the power supplies fails, Easyhost still has the second power supply at its disposal. Moreover, each circuit is equipped with a UPS (backup batteries) and generators.

Active and high efficiency air conditioning

Our redundant air conditioning systems are installed in several places in our data centres. By separating cold and warm air flows as much as possible, we create an efficient cooling according to the principle of "hot/cold aisle containment". This way, cold air is directly sent to the servers.

Juniper & Cisco Powered Network infrastructure

The entire network of Easyhost has been conceived in collaboration with certified Cisco & Juniper engineers. This guarantees you a network of an extremely good quality. Our performances have been rewarded with the "Cisco empowered network certificate".

Hi-tech fire and water security

Smoke detectors have been installed everywhere in the data centre. As soon as a fire or smoke are detected, the alarm procedure is activated. Then, FM200 gas is automatically spread. This is a special gas that extracts the oxygen from the air and that makes the temperature drop quickly. This gas is harmless to humans. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to keep inflammable material in our data centres. The collaborators of Easyhost perform regular checks. We also have flawless water leak detection systems.

Super fast and efficient connections across Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world.

Each server has a minimum available bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s. However, we also take into account the data traffic so that you can burst to 100 Mbit without any problem. Speed is thus guaranteed at any time and in each situation.

Network connectivity with incredibly fast connections

Our network is connected to several providers. All backbone connections are entirely redundant, which makes our network optimally proof against interruptions. The Internet traffic to your servers will always follow the shortest path. We are also directly connected to the BNIX (Belgian National Internet Exchange). This guarantees you super fast and optimal connections.