Easyhost's holding company joins forces with Sentia

Intelligent, Easyhost’s holding company, has big news! They will indeed join forces with Dutch Sentia. They are the Netherlands’ leading specialists in the management of scalable and mission-critical IT platforms. A strong synergy between both companies helped develop a highly diversified portfolio of services for SMEs and large enterprises.

More focus through complementarity

Sentia mainly targets the market of outsourcing and hosting services for large enterprises. Intelligent also operates in this segment, but it also serves the SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) market. Both bring much expertise in network management or specific software and technologies such as Oracle databases and IaaS platforms.

This complementarity provides a unique opportunity to learn from each other and continue to improve the services that both companies provide through specialisation.

Focus on customer loyalty and personal contact

Both Sentia and Intelligent have built a very strong reputation in the field of personal customer approach. The newly acquired knowledge will enable Intelligent and its brands to provide hosting products and all derivatives thereof in the Benelux. Contacting customers personally and providing custom solutions are top priorities in this context.

"The relationship with our customers is something we currently excel in, and we intend to keep investing in it in the future. We believe that small teams are the perfect choice to support a segment of our customers in the most appropriate manner possible. Personal contact and knowledge are essential in this context", said Intelligent CEO Jonas Dhaenens

In addition, personal approach is part of the core values of the newly formed hosting group, and Intelligent will continue to focus on it in the future. Customer satisfaction will be a top priority, also for Easyhost.

Through the merger with Sentia, the Intelligent group now has more than 300 employees in Belgium and the Netherlands. The teams will continue to operate from Intelligent’s existing offices in Ghent (BE), Brussels (BE), Nieuwegein (NL), Barendrecht (NL) and Amsterdam (NL).

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