As of June 11, 2013 special characters for a .be domain name are possible.

Good news! Olé-pistolé.be! decided that a series of characters which are used in the three official Belgian languages (Dutch, French and German) are allowed for the registration of a .be domain name. On top of that, characters from other European languages such as Swedish, Danish and Finnish will also be included.

The following characters are allowed: ß, à, á, â, ã, ó, þ, ü, ú, ï, ç, õ, ö, ÿ, ý, ò, æ , é, è, ê, ì ô, í , ù, î, û, ñ, œ, ø, ë, ä, ð, å.

As of May, you can specify your desired domain names. We keep a list in a database and will send it "first thing" on June 11 to for registration. *

Did you want to register for eg: hô, aléalé.be, Alexanderstraß, mesmé, ... for a while now? Well, do not hesitate to send us an email to We will do the rest! You only have to pay when the domain has been registered to you! This, of course, at the standard rate for a registration of a .be domain name.

Fast and easy!

* Easyhost does not guarantee that your domain name can be registered. Upon successful registration, you will pay the same rate as a normal .be domain.

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